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Shakespeare Links For Research

Renaissance: The Elizabethan World
This is a wonderful site with other great links.

Mr. William Shakespeare and the Internet
Contains historical, biographical and literary background information.

The Centre for Reformation & Renaissance Studies
The Centre for Reformation and Renaissance Studies (CRRS) is a research centre devoted to studying the period from approximately 1350 to 1700.

Shakespeare Links For First Folio and Quarto Texts

University of Virginia
This site provides modern typeface scripts; however, I have found that you must still proofread against the Folio.

University of Pennsylvania, Furness Library
This site allows comparisons of Folio Pages.

For more information about modern type-faced, proofread scripts, contact April Feld Sandor at 215.882.2600 or

Hard Copies of Shakespeare’s First Folio and Shakespeare’s Sonnets

Freeman, Neil, and Paul Sugarman. The Applause First Folio of Shakespeare in Modern Type. New York: Applause, 2001.

Booth, Stephen. Shakespeare’s Sonnets. New Haven and London: Yale University Press, 1977.

Other Recommended Reading for the Shakespeare Actor

Onions, C.T., Eagleson, Robert D. A Shakespeare Glossary. Oxford: Clarendon Press. 1986

Berry, Cicely. The Actor and His Text. New York: Scribner, 1987.

Linklater, Kristin. Freeing the Natural Voice. New York: Drama Book Specialists, 1976.

Rodenburg, Patsy. The Actor Speaks: Voice and the Performer. London: Methuen Drama, 1998.

Rodenburg, Patsy. Speaking Shakespeare. New York: Palgrave Macmillan, 2002.

Recent Noteworty Research

Grote, David. The Best Actors in the World: Shakespeare and His Acting Company. Contributions in Drama and Theatre Studies, no. 97. Westport, Conn: Greenwood Press, 2002.

Palfrey, Simon, and Tiffany Stern. Shakespeare in Parts. Oxford: Oxford University Press, 2007.

Stern, Tiffany. Making Shakespeare: From Stage to Page. Accents on Shakespeare. London: Routledge, 2004.

Other Recommended Theatre Links for Professional Training Support

Elizabeth Browning Studio (NY)
Modern Acting Techniques

Mary McCann (PA)
Certified Alexander Teacher

Rossello Solutions
Web design, graphic design, copywriting and photography.